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I haven’t published a blog in quite a while but I couldn’t resist sharing these images with you all.  I couldn’t pick just a few to share on my Facebook sneak peeks so I will share them all here on the blog.  I had such a great time shooting these.  Emilee and I always have such fun shoots together.  She’s such a natural in front of the camera and can basically read my mind.  She’s always up for anything and such a blast to photograph.  She makes my job super fun and incredibly easy!!  Hope you all enjoy these images as much as I do!  Emilee is also the featured session on my website homepage.  Click here to read more about her.



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Hey Sweet Boy,

First off, the good news is, you finally let me talk you into getting those “ear muffs” cut off.  It wasn’t TOO bad with your hat off, which was hardly ever, but with those hats on you constantly looked like you had perma-muffs!  So…. glad to have those gone.  :)

February has been a little rough, I can’t lie.  Looks like those preteen hormones are kicking in.  Yaaay me!  You’ve been sassy and whiney, but we are working on it.  Here’s hoping for a better March.

We are getting back full force into Baseball season so all pictures of you for a while will be baseball related in some way, I am sure.  Considering that, I was hoping for different pictures in February but I couldn’t resist when I saw you outside doing all the things you love to do best:

1. Baseball 2. Being in charge  3. Playing with friends.  You were in the backyard “coaching” Colin.  I thought it was really sweet that you were trying to teach him.  You love to share alllll the knowledge you have, which according to you, is quite a lot…about quite a lot of things.:)I don’t think there is an 11 yr old in history that knows as much as you think you know lol.

I am excited for the spring and the nice weather so we can start doing all the fun things you like to do.  I am super excited to get my first summer off to spend with you!  Can’t wait to see what we get into.

As always, everyday you make me so proud to be your mommy.  You are forever my favorite boy. <3





blog 1 corbin feb 2016PINIMAGEblog 2 corbin feb 2016PINIMAGE



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I started a blog circle a couple years ago with some photographer friends and about 4 months into it I lost my blog and all the posts:( I was so sad that I lost the letters to my sweet boy and the pictures I had posted with them.  I thought this would be a great time to start as he just celebrated his 11th birthday and luckily I got my blog up and going and it is still January!  My goal is to write a letter each month and at the end of the year have them printed into a book for him.   


January’s Letter to my son:


Hey Sweet Boy,

I can’t believe that you are now 11 years old and growing into such a handsome young man.  You still light up my world just as you did the day you were born.  You are super active and love playing outside with all of your new buddies in the neighborhood.  You have adjusted so well to the move, although I never doubted you would.  You are very outgoing and love making new friends. We can hardly pull into the driveway before you are jumping out of the car to go play.  You DO NOT like when I have to go to the grocery store before coming home because that interrupts your playtime.  Even though you complain about having to go,  I love going to the store with you because I love the special one on one time we get to spend together and you are so sweet to me.  You get all the items out of the cart for me and you load the bagged items back into the cart for me and you also load them into the car and carry them in for me.  Your daddy is doing such a great job teaching you how to be a gentleman.

As I sit here and write this you walk over to me and start kissing me all over my face and chewing on my nose (forgive me for posting that, LOL)  but I think it is the sweetest thing that although you are growing up and reaching the “tween” stage where everything is embarrassing, you still love to show your mommy affection.  You then sit down beside me and put your arm around me and tell me that you love me (heart melting) and to look at the moon that is shining so brightly through the window.  I love how you notice and appreciate the wonders God has created and that you wanted to share that with me.  My heart is so full.

You make me so proud everyday and I am confident that you are going to be a young man of incredible character and faith and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my sweet boy this year!


Love you so much,





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OH EM GEEE!  Can you say gorgeous?!  I can not tell you how much fun I had with these beautiful girls.  We truly had a blast moving all over downtown Columbia.  These best friends and sisters were up for anything and I was ecstatic to be able to explore my new location with them.  We went to rooftops, starbucks, a candy store, walkways, and several other places.  I am new to the Columbia area and these girls’ moms were so great to explore with me.  Taylor’s mom, Jennifer, even drove me around as I am not good with traffic yet!  Don’t know that I will ever get used to that but I sure had such a great time exploring with these beautiful teen sisters and best friends!




















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How adorable can one baby be?  Baby Maddox was the perfect subject.  He endured a full, long day of shooting as we lugged him around all of downtown Columbia while photographing pictures for his Aunt Jennifer of her beautiful daughter and best friends -which I will be blogging next!!   I had such a fun time with this adorable little guy.  He was the perfect angel.  The kind that gives you baby fever BAD!!!



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